The ARC is dedicated to shaping our great society through the positive impact of an active, involved citizenry. We seek to lay the foundation for a better America by promoting citizen education on issues currently impacting our country, including energy consumption, environmental impact, consumer freedoms, and other dynamics impacting household incomes and the overall well being of the American family and America’s small business community.

Board of Directors

John Michael Wilshusen - President

Alan H. Morgan - Secretary

Vicki Vickers - Treasurer

At ARC, we believe America is an idea and as an idea to celebrate and advance freedom and democracy, she continually needs to be challenged, to be look for those institutions and processes that must be reformed to allow this nation to move forward. Our objective is to build a coalition of grassroots citizens who want to initiate and be a catalyst for positive action. As we grow we seek to link leaders working towards the same objectives and advance various ideas, projects and programs
AFP mobilizes citizens to effectively make their voices heard in public policy issue campaigns;

  • We will educate our electorate on our nation’s economic health.
  • We will seek to resolve problems that impact the economic well being of the American family.
  • We will work to eliminate barriers that prevent our nation from proving every able bodied American full employment.
  • We will seek to reduce the burdens that our economy, our culture and government place on American business, especially small business, that serve as barriers to growth and providing more work and better work to our citizenry.
  • We will seek defend our Liberty, our economic system and our American way of life.