Our Recommended PEC Board Candidates

Judge Jim Powers

Director, District 4

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Important Voting Deadlines

  • Online voting closes 6/10/2016
  • Mail in ballots due 6/10/2016
  • In person voting between 8a - 10a 6/18/2016

Judge James Oakley (i)

Director, District 5

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Voting in the PEC Directors Election is Easy. There are three ways to vote.

1Vote By Mail

Your PEC Ballot will arrive in the mail beginning May 19th.

PEC Election Information - 2015

It will be sent by the PEC election vendor Survey and Ballot Systems (SBS).

There are two races up for election – ARC/TAER recommends voting for Judge Jim Powers in District 4 and Judge James Oakley in District 5.

After marking your selections, return your ballot in the prepaid return envelope included with your PEC ballot. Your ballot should arrive no later than Wednesday, May 25th. If you have not received your ballot by that time, call PEC at 888-554-4732.

2Vote Online

PEC will email a link to an online ballot to all PEC members that receive emails from the Co-op on May 19th. Your election ID and password will be included in this email as well as other information regarding online voting.


Not all members will receive an email regarding online voting. If you do not currently receive emails from the co-op, you will need to update your account to get access to your online ballot through email. Call PEC Customer Service at 888-554-4732 or email PEC Elections to request to update your email “FOR ELECTION PURPOSES,” and PEC staff will help you register to receive an emailed online ballot.

The last day of online voting is also Friday, June 10th. You will have until the end of that day to contact PEC for an update to your account for online voting purposes.


3Attend The Annual Meeting

The PEC annual members meeting will be held on Saturday, June 18th. The 2016 PEC Annual Meeting will be held at the Dripping Springs High School Performing Arts Center at 940 US-290, Dripping Springs, TX 78620.

You may cast an in-person ballot for the Directors election at the annual meeting. Voting will occur from 8AM until 10 AM.

Election Results will then be announced during the Annual Meeting.

Questions? Call the PEC staff during business hours at 888.554-4732.

Exercise Your Right to Vote

Vote in the 2016 PEC Board of Directors Election!