Tired of High Electric Bills?

As a Member of the Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC), you are a part-owner of the largest electric cooperative in the entire world!

Unlike most utilities, PECs Board of Directors is democratically elected by its membership – that means YOU!

Sadly, most PEC members don’t take the time to vote for or learn about the people running their electric company. Last year barely nine percent (9%) of PEC members bothered to vote in their Director elections.

We’d like to help change that.

Around May 19th, all PEC Co-op Members will be receiving a ballot in the mail for the current election deciding who will serve on three open positions for the PEC Board of Directors.

Texans for Affordable Electric Rates has reviewed the candidates and their backgrounds and urges you to support our recommendation for PEC Board of Directors:

  • Judge Jim Powers in District 4
  • Judge James Oakley in District 5

We believe Powers and Oakley will fight to provide low electric rates for PEC Members. Powers and Oakley are best prepared to work toward more reliable, affordable electric rates.

Learn more about our recommendations here.

Remember, your Ballot will be mailed to you - but you can also vote online. To learn more about how to vote online and how the voting process works, click here.

Judge Jim Powers and Judge James Oakley want to serve you on your PEC Board of Directors. Each is deserving of your vote and support.

Remember the deadline to return your paper ballot or to vote online is Friday, June 10th. Please vote immediately once you receive your ballot or your online Election ID and password.

The fight for affordability is in your hands – make your vote count.