When Texans have access to affordable power, Texas consumers and businesses win!

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  • Every Texan deserves competitive electric rates.
  • Small businesses and Start-Ups depend on affordable power to provide more jobs.
  • Affordable power puts more cash in the hands of Texas Consumers, and that’s good for the Texas economy

Texans Deserve Affordable Power

The Texan Economic Renaissance

For the past ten years, Texas has led the nation in job creation in the midst of the worst national economic downturn since the Great Depression. Texas has proven its resiliency through innovations in energy procurement and infrastructure improvement, which has translated into low cost electric power throughout most of the state. This low cost power has directly fueled and accelerated Texas’ economic recovery. But the Texas Economic Renaissance is not being felt equally across the state. Some electric companies are still municipally owned – they are treated like a government bureaucracy rather than a business. Bureaucracy leads to red tape, poor decision-making, and all too often, higher electric bills. Other non-profit electric companies – known as Cooperatives, or Co-ops – operate in similar ways and force higher prices on millions of Texas consumers. It’s time to stop the division and bring affordable electric prices to all Texans, regardless of who provides them electricity. We must develop a new mindset that demands that all electric utilities be driven by the single motivation of providing the most affordable electricity to the largest number of people. This is TAERs top priority.

The Next Phase

Citizens for Affordable Electric Rates/Texas Project is working to bring all of Texas into the 21st Century when it comes to affordable electricity. Texas is facing a competitive interstate and international job market, where most new jobs will come from small business growth. Small business cannot grow without electric power that is both affordable and reliable. Currently there are government and bureaucratic barriers in place that drive electric prices up in many Texas regions, thereby stalling or harming the economic development that would bring much needed job opportunity. Now federal mandates also threaten to put additional burdens on Texas consumers, especially those struggling financially or living on a fixed income. TAER’s goal is to eliminate bad laws, unnecessary regulations, and financial disincentives that prevent many Texans from benefiting from affordable power. Our objective is to eliminate these burdens and barriers over the course of the next decade in order to ensure Texas has the most attractive economic market in the United States.

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